Truth Justice and Comic Book Heros

Truth Justice and the American Way.

Excerpt from:

Comics started
Walker’s fervor
for justice

Saturday, August 25, 2012
By Chris Pinkard | Courier News

Walker said throughout his life, and even into his professional career, he has often looked up to characters such as Dare Devil, who’s alter ego Matt Murdock is an attorney, or Batman, who is “just a guy” with no super powers or abilities, just a “strong sense of justice.”

“I think sometimes people just need that super hero to look to,” Walker said, “And for me, comic books are also a release. I need that. I would honestly say that without this release I wouldn’t have been doing what I’m doing for very long ― not long at all. A lot of time, especially with a real heavy case, I may just take some time to come back here and look at these (statues). I look at these characters, especially Batman and the tragedy he’s been through and he made something out of it. Sure, it’s not real, but it’s still inspiring.”

“I look at these guys, even now, and what I love is that it’s not real life, the good guys do win every time” he said, “In life that isn’t always the case. I win some and I lose some, you know. But in comic books regardless of the bad that is happening you know, in the end, who’s going to win. No doubt.”

Crazy Wisdom Divine, Saint Anne Thrax and channel Tomji St. George salute our American heros who find ways to share the imagination and passion with those in need.

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