Saint Anne Thrax: Patron Saint of Election 2014?

The Saint Anne Thrax is the Patron Saint of USA Election 2012. Her portrait will hang upside down in the oval office.


The Tricksteress Saviroress Saint Anne Thrax will reportedly have a news conference from the sea of rough waters on the Dark Side of the Moon sometime this week.

Rumor has it that she will put her halo into the race for the official Saint of the 2012 Election Campaign. Stay Tuned as Tomji St. George will be covering the event on VDO. Transmission is secured and will go on even if the hurricane hits Tampa.

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Saint Anne Thrax Foundation for PsychoSocial Spiritual Rehabilitation


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2 thoughts on “Saint Anne Thrax: Patron Saint of Election 2014?

  1. Did STATrx have her portrait done by that lady who restructured that fresco in Spain. You cover it on a post below so I wondered. Very nice job with the lips: who did the reconstruction?

  2. Phyllis diller sent down a message endorsing the STATrx as Patron Saint of Election 2012 and condolences on her botched, yet striking lip plump surgery.

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