Saint Anne Thrax is conjuncting earth

Like a true Celestial Goddess the

Saint Anne Thrax is making her way back to Earth

Like Hale-lees comet. but she’s STATrx so you

never know will she make it or not…

This was taken from her last orbital conjunction

at the Faerie Gathering Remote Island in Thailand.

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One thought on “Saint Anne Thrax is conjuncting earth

  1. I suspect that St. Marys will embrace their newest star. that has arisen off the deep darkest horizon. Go STATrx. And you are welcomed for a visitation even if you aren’t welcomed. Why does the Christmas Story starring STATrx come to mind>

    Or the David Sedaris piece about one-upmanshippping your neighbors with the “bestest” holiday letters?

    God(dess) Indar/maitraya/buddha/kenkahsala/et all
    bless us..

    And if you read this you may want to

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