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the saint anne thrax returns


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Weebola to the Rescue


Wee Bola learns about the value of stereotyping to get attention.

Wee Bola learns about the value of stereotyping to get attention.

“Poka-honches gave you a special chip,” Moon Mother whispered in Weebola’s third ear. “Like the Native Americans, you have the extra sensoring ability to allow your physical self to be “invisible.”

“Even when I have a bad hair day, when I pull out my extensions like last week?” the fledgling Goddess shed a tear, a green turquoise crystal that would become a birthmark. “This is all TMI: Too much information for me to take in.”

“Wee Bola there is no need to understand. It is what it Is,” moon mother picked some stray pearls from her gown. “It’s already in you, simply reach inside your Wee Being when in need of support”

Reach inside? Weebola saw a psychic surgeon from the Philadelphiapinnes, drippy red ungloved hands poked around inside someone’s bloated guts.

“See I told you,” the make-believe miracle surgeon held up a greenish “liver” though WeeB had an inkling it had been planted. She told about her vision to the Goddesses gathered for Wee B’s launch down to Earth. Continue reading

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I spotted Saint Anne Thrax

I spotted Saint Anne Thrax

sign the log!

Goood News. I spotted Saint Annethrax over Pittsburgh early this morning Looking for a landing spot. Any other sightings? Please list, she’s coming back!

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Saint Anne Thrax on her way

Our Lovely loving Tricksteress known by the name Saint Anne Thrax will (most likely) be at ASSEMBLEt on Penn Avenue Friday night. It’s a time to bless another  Rescued Relic discovered and reconstructed by her transmission channeler Tomji St. George.

“She’s got a strange name, yet it’s perfect.” said Tomji St. George her transmission channeler. “Her heart is chock full of luvluvluv and those who have experienced her message agree.” Time of touchdown “7:30 ish.”

For those unable to make the visitation: the popular book Love, Love, Love: The Passion of Saint Anne Thrax is available online through Amazon.com.

Yes… LIKEi her on Facebook: Saint Anne Thrax Visitations to discover more about this renegade holy one and her current US Over It All Tour.



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Who is a Crazy Wisdom Teacher?

Who is a Crazy Wisdom Teacher?


there are: 2) The wild men/women or holy fools (avadhutas, majdhubs, masts, saloi, yurodivye, idiota, yu jen, mahasiddhas, et al.), within what is sometimes called the “crazy wisdom tradition.” These rather mysterious folks have spontaneously or deliberately gone beyond all societal conventions, sometimes simply because God-realization and liberation came for them in such an unusually powerful way that it blew out the circuits of normal psychological and social functioning.

These wild ones, who usually display no regard for their own comforts and even many basic bodily needs (food, liquids, sleep, shelter, basic hygiene), are not usually known for any conspicuous “loving-kindness” on the conventional interpersonal level.

They have been known to grunt at, scream at, punch, push, piss on, completely ignore and in various ways “abuse” those whom they encounter—yet with an unexpectedly quite positive, beautifully transformational affect on the recipients of such “holy abuse.”

In other words, there can be a palpable, edifying sense of divine blessing (saktipat, kripa, baraka, WANG, descent of the Holy Spirit, etc.) that is experienced by the recipient during or after the bizarre encounter with a “wild fool.”.

This blessing force brings with it an amazing sense of freedom, peace, equanimity, bliss, love, and nondual identity with the One and all beings.

Thanks to www.enlightened-spirituality.org for the link. To access link click on the red arm!

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