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Life in Hell Game for Thanksgiving


Thanks to Matt Groening for the chance to play the Stupor Square game.

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Koch-ya says Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart realized that Koch Industries was running ads during his show.

So he trolled them.

WASHINGTON POST: Jon Stewart realized that Koch Industries (of David and Charles Koch fame/infamy) had been running ads during the Daily Show, and, unsurprisingly, decided to address it. The ad isn’t political,  it highlights the company’s work and the people working there. Many wondered if the ads were designed to counter negative reactions to the Kochs’ political activity when they debuted in June. An executive at Koch Industries denied that in a Washington Post story last month.

Washington Post Story:


The Daily Show
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive

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the saint anne thrax returns


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Weebola to the Rescue


Wee Bola learns about the value of stereotyping to get attention.

Wee Bola learns about the value of stereotyping to get attention.

“Poka-honches gave you a special chip,” Moon Mother whispered in Weebola’s third ear. “Like the Native Americans, you have the extra sensoring ability to allow your physical self to be “invisible.”

“Even when I have a bad hair day, when I pull out my extensions like last week?” the fledgling Goddess shed a tear, a green turquoise crystal that would become a birthmark. “This is all TMI: Too much information for me to take in.”

“Wee Bola there is no need to understand. It is what it Is,” moon mother picked some stray pearls from her gown. “It’s already in you, simply reach inside your Wee Being when in need of support”

Reach inside? Weebola saw a psychic surgeon from the Philadelphiapinnes, drippy red ungloved hands poked around inside someone’s bloated guts.

“See I told you,” the make-believe miracle surgeon held up a greenish “liver” though WeeB had an inkling it had been planted. She told about her vision to the Goddesses gathered for Wee B’s launch down to Earth. Continue reading

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2013 Fiscal Cliff Bungee Safety Cords for sale



New 2013 Limited Edition.

Instructions included.

  • Guaranteed to SAFE YOU  from falling off #FISCAL CLIFF.
  • Limited supplies make an offer.
  • Only comes in black, red sold out.
  • Made in China
  • Child tested and approved
  • Money back guarantee minus restocking fees


tested and offered with money-bac guarantee

tested and offered with money-bac guarantee

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A gallery of John Cage VDOS

Enjoy some videos in honor of the 100th birthday of John Cage.

click on the link above


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Saint Anne Thrax: Patron Saint of Election 2014?

The Saint Anne Thrax is the Patron Saint of USA Election 2012. Her portrait will hang upside down in the oval office.


The Tricksteress Saviroress Saint Anne Thrax will reportedly have a news conference from the sea of rough waters on the Dark Side of the Moon sometime this week.

Rumor has it that she will put her halo into the race for the official Saint of the 2012 Election Campaign. Stay Tuned as Tomji St. George will be covering the event on VDO. Transmission is secured and will go on even if the hurricane hits Tampa.

For more information leave reply below and sign up for the RSS feed.

Saint Anne Thrax Foundation for PsychoSocial Spiritual Rehabilitation


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The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore talks ‘Race, Religion & Sex’


Race, Religion and Sex. What’s so funny about that?

What’s so funny about peace love and understanding? as Elvis Costello asked. Here’s a nice Laughspin interview with The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore.

visit http://www.Laughspin.com for some more high powered comic blog posts.

The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore talks ‘Race, Religion & Sex’ (Laughspin interview).



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Duck and Cover and just ask Rush

Magical Trickery:

The battle of the two parties as foretold by Rush Limbaugh. Grand Poo Bah of the Secret Society of closet GOP psychics.

Duck and Cover.

Then get out your umbrella to make sure the GOP attendees can get to their hotel. Will it strike Disneyworld. These are the important issues in this pre-election time of Good Cheer! Harry Potter come quickly and bring along that Wicked Witch from Washington (you can guess who that may be)

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Do it yourself spiritual facelift

Do it yourself spiritual facelift

The Saint Anne Thrax does not approve of this art/craft debacle.

You sit in that church for decades. Does anyone else think of sprucing it up? The pictures with damage, the cracked stained glass even the threadbare altar cloth looks worn and tawdry.


Before you even prayed it. That’s God… he knows what’s going to happen before it does. Like that Hurricane Isacc…

But you’re in Spain and 80 years old. Nothing to do but now inspired you decide to take the Spirit into your own hands.

HOW? Sneak in and do it yourself .

Sacred Spiritual Space makeover.
You the artist will bless everyone.

SAINT ANN THRAX does not condone the use of such terror tactics, all the elderly woman needed to do was contact STATrx and she would have a reality TV show visit on a mission to RESTORE not Re-damage the icons.


click the red text: that’s how we do it on CWD. ; )

Do it yourself spiritual facelift click here

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