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We will see if you have achieved Wisdom: SWAMI

swamiThanks to the brilliant Matt Groening for his enlightening talents!

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STATCWD edification #1 luvluvluv her madly


sends down musical messages through channel
Tomji St. George.

Welcome to ourĀ  CRAZY WISDOM DIVINE podcast.

Enjoy from Edification from Earthly Musical Goddesses
(even Madonna and Marcy)

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Duck and Cover and just ask Rush

Magical Trickery:

The battle of the two parties as foretold by Rush Limbaugh. Grand Poo Bah of the Secret Society of closet GOP psychics.

Duck and Cover.

Then get out your umbrella to make sure the GOP attendees can get to their hotel. Will it strike Disneyworld. These are the important issues in this pre-election time of Good Cheer! Harry Potter come quickly and bring along that Wicked Witch from Washington (you can guess who that may be)

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