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Life in Hell Game for Thanksgiving


Thanks to Matt Groening for the chance to play the Stupor Square game.

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Life is Swell Pre-Simpsons Groening



      Be not afraid:
Check out life in hell archives link!

      by Simpsons Creator   Matt Groening

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I spotted Saint Anne Thrax

I spotted Saint Anne Thrax

sign the log!

Goood News. I spotted Saint Annethrax over Pittsburgh early this morning Looking for a landing spot. Any other sightings? Please list, she’s coming back!

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What STATrx Learned at Bible School

Saint Anne Thrax basks in the glow of her vacation bible school project.

Fear Not…

for I bring me a bunch

of good tidings

of awesome joy

that I will share

with those in need

Simply read about it on my blog Crazy Wisdom Divine.

The Saint Anne Thrax archived her quote
onto a nice Orange Plastique plate during Vacation Bible School.

The Savioress then sprayed it with Hairspray to make it last forever
and then beamed it home to Moon Mother.

It now hangs on the wall of the Divine Goddesses ritual chamber.

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